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The Advantages of NUTEC Construction


The Advantages of NUTEC Construction

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We often see prospective home buyers who immediately react negatively to homes constructed with "NUTEC".

Often this is only because of a lack of knowledge, so here are some FACTS:
- Especially at the coast, wear-and-tear on NUTEC homes are significantly less than on plastered homes;
- NUTEC is actually more fire-resistant than plaster;
- Cost of construction about 15% cheaper than brick and mortar home;
- Construction time drastically less than brick and mortar;
- Ideal for stands with slopes. In such cases, construction cost can be up to 50% less than brick and mortar;
- Additions and alterations with NUTEC substantially quicker and cheaper.

Author Marko van Wyk
Published 26 Oct 2020 / Views -
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