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Some WEIRD and WONDERFUL Quotes and Clauses from Offers to Purchase


Some WEIRD and WONDERFUL Quotes and Clauses from Offers to Purchase

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When it comes to the sale of a property, both the buyer and the seller need to agree on what stays in the home and what goes with the previous owner. And this is where things have become rather hairy for many an estate agent

  1. One life-sized wooden elephant named Babu in the living room.
  2. Pink flamingo yard art. Llamas that were pets for the seller, and dinner for the buyers.
  3. Buyers requested the sellers leave their chickens.
  4. Buyer offered a dozen homemade tamales.
  5. Buyers included the seller's cockatoo in the offer! And the sellers agreed!
  6. An outhouse.. called the "One drop". It was painted nicely and was super cute.
  7. Stripper pole. I swear I can't make these things up! 
  8. Ducks. And the buyers had to agree to feed them a can of peas every night.   
  9. An entire collection of plastic yard Santa's and the request to carry on the seller's tradition.
  10. House was a hoarder house. Literally,  you couldn't see the floor. Buyer wanted everything to stay in the house. Eewww!
  11. Requested visits from sellers dog, canning jars and canning lessons. All were granted. Buyer( young family) seller ( widowed grandma) became like family. 
  12. A request from he seller not to paint over a mural in one of the bedrooms. The buyer actually loved it and still has it up to this day.
  13. I had a buyers agent submit an offer on my listing that included the cat! I'm happy to say the sellers declined.
  14. A blind and deaf 14yr old dog that seller was going to put down as they didn't think she would handle the relocation from Illinois to Texas - Buyer requested to keep the dog where she was.
  15. Seller wanted to stay and live in the basement until his imminent terminal death. Buyers agreed only to find he liked to swim nude in the adjacent lake.
  16. A miniature pony. It was a short sale and the seller left the horse behind. And yes, the buyers adopted him! 
  17. My client had this truck and loved this tree. He also took a bamboo garden. They suffered a bit in the transfer, but are now doing well.
  18.  A flight piloted by the seller over the property, both requested by buyer. 
  19. vintage mushroom cannister set. Apparently the buyer spotted it during his tour in the storage area in the basement. His grandmother had owned a set and he felt it was a message from beyond that this was the house to buy. 
  20. The opportunity to bring the Seller's moms ashes back to property after she dies to be spread where her dads ashes are at.   
  21.   One buyer wanted the food left in the fridge. Another wanted the sellers ghost uncle removed. 
  22. chicken named Little Jerry Seinfield... His name was mentioned in the contract
  23. An offer to cut hair for a year.
  24. A Moose! Yes I had to explain to my out of state buyers that the Moose was wild and not owned by the sellers.
  25. Mirrored room, bondage apparatus, sex swing and dancing pole 
  26. Macklemore's piano! It was absolutely beautiful and fully customized
  27. The buyer had a strong feeling that the garden gnomes would get angry if they were moved, so he had me request them in the contract. 
  28. 86 rolls of quality toilet paper.
  29. Wasn't in the contract, but seller left a bunch of dildos for my buyer. 
  30. naked statue of a man.
  31. The front door knob. It was the sellers grandmothers house and they wanted something to remember the house by. 
  32. I once included a person on the contract. I'm my defense she was the property manager and buyer wanted her to stay with the property for the first year. And she consented and got a bonus.... So I didn't actually sell a person.
  33. Pillsberry dough boy cookie jar. The seller said no and the buyer walked.
  34. The buyer wanted all the furniture including the sheets on all bedding. 
  35. A donkey - owner was moving to assisted living and was going to have to dispose of it and my buyers kids loved it so we asked. 
  36. I had sellers who unexpectedly lost their visas and had to sell a home they had just remodeled. In a multiple offer situation on a $2M+ home, One buyer offered the sellers a two week free Airbnb every year for as long as they owned the home. 
  37.  Mannequin heads all over the yard on sticks to scare away animals, and a casket under the house (I think it was a prop). My clients still have the heads up! For their closing gift I bought them cupcakes with Barbie doll heads sticking out. 
  38. The seller was sad that they would miss the delicious pears that were filling the tree in the backyard but not ripe yet. I suggested they make it a part of the deal that they can come back & harvest that years crop once they were ripe.
  39. The money toilet seat
  40. Visitation with the owners pig!! The buyers mom and the pig connected when viewing the property and we requested visitations of the pig. The buyer and her mom have visited once so far. 
  41. An electrician included 30 hours of his time in my offer! Offer accepted. 
  42. The barn cats... buyers wanted them   
  43. gun safe. 
  44.  A life size doll dressed up in kids clothes sitting on the living room couch. In one of the bedrooms there was a bed for it and clothes in the closet. 
  45. A mailbox. Seller said in the multi list the mailbox did not stay but would be replaced. Apparently a deceased family member built the mailbox. The whole deal fell apart over the mailbox.
  46. My buyer wanted the purchase price reduced or the collection of bobble heads that the seller had. We ended up negotiating 5 of bobble heads into the sale and no price reduction.  
  47. I once negotiated a framed poster of Jessica Simpson's Rolling Stone cover.
  48.  I once had a buyer request that a wild peacock remain on an acreage. I told my buyers that I could write it in but I could not guarantee the peacock would agree. 
  49. A piece of wood that was in the kitchen because it had all of the kids heights on it, they wanted to take it with them when they left.
  50. The sun and the moon! I sold a house that had an ornate sun on one side of the house and the moon on the other. My Purchasers were worried that there would be discoloration of the brick if removed. 
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